The Shak is live again in Eshowe with some great new features!

  1. We are going back to our roots! A largely outdoor experience featuring the long lazy lunch with good food that lets you relax, snack and socialize.
  2. We have partnered with the Sugarhill Manor Guesthouse which makes it ideal forĀ  weekend packages.
  3. We also have a tented camp experience (currently BYO tent) but there will we permanent larney tents soon
  4. There are lots of activities in Eshowe to keep you busy and at the Shak we have hammocks, swings, forest walks, chill spots and a 9 hole adventure Boulle course. Busy Busy or Chill Chill – your choice.

We look forward to sharing this new experience you

Rgds, Bill & the team

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