The Rafia Prawn Shak

Now in nearby Mtunzini, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT

Enjoy a 7 course meal in the tranquil surrounds of the Mtunzini beach forests
A unique outdoor restaurant experience featuring our ‘Long Lazy Lunch’ on Sat and Sun.
130km North of Durban, its a great pit stop for a long lazy lunch, corporate functions, team building events and tour groups.
Chill at our Mozam style Baracca Bar or spend some time exploring the Rafia forest, the lagoon, beach and dunes.  The scenery is awesome!
Lots to do in this beautifully scenic little town and lots of easily accessible accommodation if you want to make a weekend of it!

The Marula Shak

Enjoy a long lazy lunch in the pristine bush environs of the Nkumbe Wildlife Estate.  This unique venue is a haven of tranquility but still offers up a memorable party (if the hammocks and swings don’t seduce you into a state of slothfulness first) and a must do experience during your trip to Southern Mozambique.

There is also a larney tented camp and upmarket, self-catering chalets nearby.
It’s also a great base from which to venture out to the myriad of activities in the area.