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Party Bus

Marula Shak – Now Open!


Next time in Ponta, book at the Marula Shak for something entirely different

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Our exciting new venture in Mozambique

Marula shak


Calling on the adventure lovers¬†looking for a¬†‘unique’ experience.

Situated on Nkumbe Wildlife Estate, the Marula Shak is where you can really get away from it all.

With a luxury tented camp next door, you can enjoy the great vibe of Ponto D’Ouro by day and then retire to the incredible tranquillity of Nkumbe.

Naturally we will have the lowdown on the best places to go and some quirky experiences to make it memorable.

Greening the Shak

  • Our waste water irrigates our garden which is fertilized with worm wee from our worm farm.
  • Our glass is recycled by crushing bottles in our special crusher which we use for various applications around the shak
  • to preserve our environmentally sensitive area the Shak uses only organic cleaners that contain no chemicals or pesticides
  • We are currently experimenting with a green roof and pesticide free pest control. Solar power and wetlands to filter our water are next on the list!
As a community project we also have some of our recycled products on sale:

CRUSHED GLASS : Great as a flower bed mulch, building material or for artistic projects

ZEN WORMS : Take home a worm bucket, worm wee or a starter worm pack and give your garden some love!