Things are getting are getting even more crazy!
1st we had to close over Feb while I recuperated from a motorbike accident and now we have Coronavirus with no certainty when it will end.
However we haven’t been idle and we will soon have a mini Shak in Eshowe and an awesome tented camp experience at Sugarhill Manor, so, when we are allowed to, and you need to bust loose after the enforced confinement, what better way than to bring a group of mates to Eshowe for an unusual experience designed to help you let off  bit of steam and to catch up.
Enquiries on 0833034746
Thank you for your support and understanding.
Rgds, Bill

About Sugarhill Manor – a guesthouse that epitomizes gracious Zululand living with a host of activities on offer.
The guest house can accommodate 25 guests with a further 10 in the Tented camp where you can do the Prawn Shak experience, relax in a hammock, tell tall stories around the fire pit, try your hand at some fun games or take in some of the activities in the area (The Dlinza forest boardwalk, Golf, cultural tours and more)

The Mtunzini Rafia Shak will unfortunately only reopen when conditions are conducive, but hey, check out the new offerings! Time for ‘Change’!



With the advent of COVID-19, operations at Mtunzini have been put on hold until there is a semblance of normality (albeit a ‘new normal’! but we are able to give you a mini Shak experience at Sugarhill Manor in Eshowe.

Ideal for groups of up to 30, we will have some great packages with accommodation, the Shak experience, lots of activities and a an opportunity to reconnect with friends.
The lock down has helped us add to our range of baked breads, foraged salads, some great home brews and an environment that is conducive to connecting with both nature and your friends

What is ‘New Normal’ – The way we see it, it’s about getting back to basics and above all getting that ‘Joie De Vivre’ feeling which has been so sadly lacking as we have watched our economy decline and life got so serious
So kick off your shoes, lose the worries and do ‘stuff’ that’s ‘real’

Sugarhill Manor, 36 Pearson Ave, Eshowe

Turn into Eshowe  from the R66, go about 2km along Kangella st, and just past the school turn right into Pearson ave (Rd to Aerodrome)

Find us  on FACE BOOK to see all the news and activities.
We look forward to seeing you there

The Marula Shak in Mozambique – Mothballed until Tourism returns after Covid-19. Watch this space!

Movie filmed at the old Prawn shack in Amatikulu


Hobnobbing with the stars!
The Prawn Shack hosted Hillary Swank and crew for the filming of the movie,
Search for the movie and see if you can spot the Prawn Shack and the Amatikulu Beach in the movie.

The ‘Shak’ has hosted many celebrities in its time and was famously selected by SA Tourism for their post 2010 soccer world cup marketing video featuring SA’s top 20 most interesting spots!


Market Research in Turkey

Roadside Cuisine i.e. STREET FOOD

Anyone who has followed our travels will know that we always seek out the street foods because that is where all the real action is.

A recent trip to Turkey turned up some of the best street food ever.
Istanbul’s incredible history keeps you very busy sightseeing, so snack and go is the order of the day.

More importantly their philosophy on food is what makes it so great.
Simplicity is the order of the day and food is cooked simply and fresh with just a little salt and lemon.
The Turkish Fish Sandwiches with fish fillets, lettuce, onion and just a squeeze of lemon and salt are a perfect example. Served on the dockside or fish markets their Fish Sandwiches have become one of the ‘must do’ tourist attractions!
We also found fresh mussels, kebabs and roasted chestnuts – all served fresh with – salt and lemon!!

I think Turkey was one of the few countries where I never had a bad meal and I put this down to the fact that they stick to what they know best – Turkish food [oh, and Pizza’s unfortunately].
A meal always starts with mezes which have hot, sweet, salty and sour varieties and a little salad with olive oil, lemon and salt as dressing and maybe some yoghurt. The mains are often a casserole or stew type dish, simply flavoured and always good.

Eating and socializing is an integral part of Turkish life and when I think about our philosophy of long lazy lunches and my mantra of applying salt and lemon properly, I realize that there must be a little Turkish in me!
Watching a group of Turkish men pull out a table on the sidewalk, or even the street [the cars can just damn well drive round them!] and snack on mezes, sip some raki and shoot the breeze, reminds me how much we have lost the plot in our mad chase of – what?
Well, without blowing our own trumpet too loudly, you can still find a little relief from the madding crowd at the Prawn Shak or Bud’s, and possibly a Fish Sandwich to boot!