It’s safe to say we have had some interesting dining experiences over the years. At Legends Late Nite Restaurant in Musgrave, we were instrumental in getting the bylaws changed for Terrace dining
Gringos Cantina (a bean guzzling, tequila swilling, cactus bashing, cantina) was just one crazy dining experience and at Legends Playhouse it was awfully posh!
Then at Buds on the Bay, a great place to get away from it all, we went one step further – Dining in the bay, great for romantics, smokers and claustrophobes.
If  it’s a spring high tide – you needed gumboots!

In Mozambique we had tables and chairs hanging from the trees and NOW

In Eshowe, at the SHUGA SHAK, there’s a formal Gazebo, an outside casual bar (NB it’s BYO), a bonfire in an old shopping trolly and a chill spot with swings, days beds, braai’s, and of course, some hammocks! All in all, great for a chill day, a get together with friends, a corporate event or just a great party!

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