Marula Shak Directions


GPS: 26’ 48’3 47. S 32’ 53’1.38

  1. Take the N2 North.
  2. Take the Hluhluwe off ramp (it’s about 260 km from Durban). Turn right over the highway.
  3. Proceed through Hluhluwe and turn left at the last circle.
  4. Drive for 1 km, then turn right and cross the railway. Follow the Sodwana Bay/R22 signs.
  5. After 80 km, you will reach Mbazwana (with Sodwana on your right). Pass through and stay on the R22 towards Farazela/Kosi Bay.
  6. After a further 50 km, you will arrive at a circle. Turn right towards Manguzi (Kwangwanase)/Farazela (Border). If you turn left, you’ll be heading to Jozini, and we don’t want that.
  7. Drive for 30 km until you reach Manguzi. Fill up with fuel. If you are driving your own vehicle the whole way through, let your tyres down to 1.8 bar. Proceed 15 km to the border.
  8. If you’re in your own car, head to one of the insurance companies and purchase local cover for R150.00. Immediately after passing through the border gate, turn a sharp right (drive straight in front of all the insurance company signs). You’re now on the road to Ponta D’Ouro.

Warning: Taking the straight road from the border will land you in Malongane, so make sure to take the sharp right to Ponta D’Ouro.

  1. Keep the power lines on your right and follow the odd white arrow that has been stuck up here and there.
  2. When you reach the market, stop and have your obligatory R&R at the legendary Fernando’s (just one!).
  3. Get back into to the car. Drive 150 metres past the market and take a sharp left (near the Love Café) to get on to the Road to Malongane.
  4. Drive for 4 more kilometres until you reach Nkumbe Wildlife Estate (opposite the 360? Restaurant).
  5. Enter Nkumbe estate and follow signs to the Marula Shack.

Nkumbe Map