In February ’16, we bid farewell to Buds on the Bay in the Durban Harbour

Buds came to the end of its lease (nonrenewable) and after 11 years and lots of crazy happenings, its time was up.
It was a fun upmarkedly dodgy spot in the docks where music tastings, blackball nights and more, livened things up!
Sadly the gridlocked traffic, pollution and general deterioration of the area meant the ending of the lease was a welcome release and it will now revert to an industrial site.

However, the journey continues and for more unique experiences –
Head on up to the Prawn Shak at Amatikulu,     OR
Try our new Marula Shak on the Nkumbe Wildlife Estate, Ponta Malongane,
(Southern Mozambique, just past Ponta D’Ouro).

and for something different, check out for an escape to the quaint Zululand town of Eshowe

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