Rules of the Beach

Handy Tips

Its the ‘Bush’   so No cash at all –  Just Cards or EFT, and leave your valuables behind.
Its R185/hd and half price for kids 4 – 12 yrs
It’s fully licensed [NO BYO]. Open a tab at the bar and settle at the end.
We start at 11.30 [for 12], and food finishes about 5. If you want to stay late, bribe the barman!!
Check or the website for directions. Trust the map before the GPS!
Read the ‘rules’ and check out the style of eating, local accommodation and transport hire.
Kids are welcome [if they follow the rules] and although it’s one big sand dune it’s not particularly child friendly.
Vegetarian or prawn allergy! – No Problem, Check the alternatives.
Prawn shack – it’s just a name!
It’s not just about prawns although they are in a number of the dishes’.
Thanks for booking  –  Enjoy